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1D barrel horse/rodeo horse

Posted by Abigail Wicker on 03-01-22
1D barrel horse/rodeo horse

‼️SO Guys Top Stick‼️ is back on the market due to no fault of his own! The only reason he is on the market is because i don’t have any want to run barrels right now and haven’t for a couple of months.

10 year old gelding standing around 16.2 or 16.3 hands. He’s big, powerful, and he makes big moves. His stats aren’t current but i know what he is and what he can be.

pros :
easy to haul
easy to get along with
ride him around the pasture, down the road, anything he doesn’t care!
walks LEVEL HEADED down the alley way
after he runs his head goes back down and he is relaxed like he was before
he’s very broke i’ve ridden him in a war bridle, bosal, halter etc
currently is being ran in a DTE Hackamore or a Myers 3 piece gag

cons :
he’s a big boy and he eats A LOT (hard keeper)
very push style (i give red cell and ultra fire by finish line for added ✨spice✨)
he’s too big to fit in the front slant of the trailer but he fits in the middle and the back 🤣
he gives material girl vibes off and needs some special shoes 💅
DOES REQUIRE MAINTENANCE (most performance horses do his is minor and only gets done as needed)

1D barrel horse/rodeo horses! this boy has clocked with the best at cowtown! First time for him to run at cowtown he was a 15.1 and hit the first because of rider error second time for him to be entered there he was a 14.4 hit second because of rider error would’ve placed with pros! This boy has what it takes to be at the top!

Take him down the road with you or let a handy youth kid ride him! If you know how to kick and stay out of ones way this is the horse for you

priced accordingly for what he is. upper 5 digits

‼️might consider a PARTIAL trade for a MARE that’s started on the pattern nothing younger than 3 or older than 8 ‼️

Horse's Registered Name SO Guys Top Stick
Sire’s Name Frenchmans Chico
Dam’s Name Naturally a Six
Gender Gelding
Training Level Finished Barrel Horse
Horse’s Height 16.3
Horse’s Color Gray
Incentive Eligibilities
Triple Crown

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Send Message Phone: 9792486488

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