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Crown Royal Casino

Posted by Taylor on 10-15-22
Crown Royal Casino

Please READ in full and look at ALL pictures/videos before asking questions. The post is lengthy but should cover everything so that your only question is “when can I come test ride him?”. Comments that are answered in this post won’t be answered.

Located in Ringgold, Ga

Crown Royal Casino
11 year old bay gelding, with a late start and has fresh legs!

Sweet gelding personality matched with lots of athleticism and FANCY broke.

Casino is a big boy that drops all 16.1 hands and turns on a dime in barrels and poles.
Casino wasn’t started until he was 4 but sat on the back burner until about 9 where he started his barrel training and showing. He’s had slow and correct training. He just recently started being asked this year and he’s starting to add speed. Currently Clocks 3D barrels and 22/23 poles without being opened up yet. Once he taps into his speed, he could potentially be someone’s main competitive mount. He is SMOOTH as they come but definitely a push style.

Intermediate rider safe. If your youth is an intermediate rider, then he would be for them.

Only selling due to having 3 running horses is just too much to keep up with. Looking to downsize and just focus on main horse and his upcoming sibling.

⁃ Casino can be a little buggy and spook in a new arena, but if you exhibition him once or twice in the new arena, he won’t have an issue for his run
⁃ Casino is buddy sour. When you get on to ride, he means business and will work without an issue, but if he’s standing tied and you take away his buddy, he will holler and paw at the trailer. I usually run 3 horses, so there are always 2 horses at the trailer and I’ve not had much of an issue with this.
⁃ He gets a little on the bit in the alley. He’s learning that barrels/poles are “fast” and he will prance in the alley waiting for you to say when. Never refuses that alley, just prances.

⁃ Low maintenance/no injections required at this time. Just a daily supplement added to his feed!
⁃ SMOOTH and collected and calm ride. He has all the FANCY buttons on him!
⁃ Intermediate safe. Currently the boyfriend even rides him without any issue, but still advertising as intermediate rather beginner just to be safe.

Age 11
Horse's Registered Name Crown Royal Casino
Gender Gelding
Training Level Patterned Going Places
Horse’s Height 16.1
Horse’s Color Bay
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