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Frenchmans Fabulous Filly for your herd and trail riding

Description: Now is your chance to get a Frenchmans Fabulous for your breeding herd. Make offer! Pedigree includes Frenchmans Fabulous as sire on top side, then on bottom side Robin Banks as grandsire and Top Moon. Maggie is two years old and was to be my up and coming barrel horse but unfortunately has had a string of small injuries that will probably keep her from the barrel pen. She has a small avulsion in her right stifle and needs to continue to heal from a strained check ligament in her right front. Her left front has a slight turn out at the knee so I tried a surgery as a weanling to fix but it remained turned out. With new injuries, vets all say she would be best suited for more straight job rather than barrel turns. Her full sister, and 4 half-brothers/sisters all have straight legs so vets all say her turned due to a in-utero position. Turn this girl out to pasture for a year or two and let her grow and you will have a heck of a broodmare for your program or break her as a 3 year old for lighter work than the barrel pen. She is currently packing a saddle and ground driving over logs and at walk and trot.   I own her mother and she is athletic and steady 1D/2D runner. I would love to keep her and breed but need a prospect sooner than she can have one. Maggie travels well, backs out of trailer, ties, has had lots of handling and ponying. Would be willing to trade for/towards a yearling to 3 year old prospect. video at  Dam's video

Publish Date: 11-09-23


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