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Briscos Angel in foal to Feistas Gotta Gun for 2021

Description: Brisco's Angel is the perfect addition to anyone's broodmare band. She is currently in foal to Fiesta's Gotta Gun for an April 2021 foal. Angel is track broke only and I would not say she is sound to ride after foaling as she does have an arthritic knee. She gets around just fine and does great out in the herd environment. Angel foals out easily without any help and she is a sweet mare all the time. She does not get protective or aggressive towards people. Angel's only real flaw is she does not like getting her hooves trimmed or pick up her feet to get cleaned out. When I purchased her this was not disclosed with me. Angel resided with the Meyers and was bred to Frenchman's Guy. Angel has produced some nice foals, some being campaigned, others not. Angel is an easy breeder, she took first time via AI with cooled semen. Ive never bred her with frozen as my reproduction vet does not handle frozen. Fiestas Gotta Gun is an upcoming stallion who is in a majority of the incentives including Ruby Buckle, Breeders Challenge and the Royal Crown- just to name a few. Fiestas Gotta Gun is by Playgun, who has progeny earnings of over 9.4 million and is out of Firewater Fiesta, who has an LTE of 800,000; with progeny earnings of over $600,000. This foal will be worth a good amount of money right out of the womb. I would be willing to sell Angel open to breed to your choice of stallion for $2,000. Daughters of Brisco County Jr are hard to find now days and she is healthy and her uterus is in good breeding condition. Angel is a big mare and carries foals well. She does stay tucked up until about 1 month before foaling. Angel was palpated and checked again on 1/15/2021 to confirm again before posting this sale ad and was confirmed by Prairie Winds Vet clinic. I am selling to downsize my herd as I want to be out of the breeding business come summer.. I am busy in school and work. I am more then willing to answer any questions anyone may have. Offers to good homes considered. **If Angel is not sold by 2021 foaling I will be breeding her back to Fiestas Gotta Gun and reposting her.**

Publish Date: 01-25-21


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