Project barrel horse

Description: 💥CG Taris HotrodnJose💥  **PLEASE READ ENTIRE AD** "Rip" is a 2009' Bay roan gelding. 15hh. Light maintenance (hock&tmj injections, shoes all the way around if ridden on rocks)  The good: he is papered. Easy keeper weight wise. He's big boned and never loses muscle. He trail rides but likes to be the leader. He pastures well with mares and geldings. He loads on any trailer and will back out on his own. Stands tied. Always the first horse to you in the field. Stands perfect for farrier and vet. Perfect ground manners. Stands to be tacked and mounted. Can spin a hole in the ground and stops on a dime. He lopes very pretty circles both ways. Rides in a hack. He doesn't like a bit. (Just recently started riding him in a hack)He has worked cows  THE BAD!: This horse was said to be a finished 1d/2d horse BUT he came to me with issues of ducking the second barrel. Old owners couldn't get him around it. I got him and slowed him down. Made him start turning it. Then he started getting alley issues. No rearing just spinning and backing. He WILL go in if someone on the ground leads him. Once you get him in there he will sometimes go around the first then slam on the breaks and not want to go forward. He will work good when you go somewhere to just practice. But if you haul him to a race with lots of horses/ people around, he shuts down. He also knows poles. This horse needs someone with lots of time. I don't have that. My best mare was just diagnosed with lymes so I need to get something that can take her place for a while. I have a video with the last owner ducking the second. And a few with me after I slowed him down. And then a few recent of his issues. I took him to my vet for a full lameness. The only thing she could find that slightly bothered him was his hocks & tmj so we injected. This was recent so he'll be good for about a year. He's currently being treated for ulcers just to cover another base. He also has a negative lymes test. People are welcome to come try him because anyone that gets him I want them to be 100% aware of the issues he has. He needs an experienced rider. 

Publish Date: 09-12-21


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