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  1. Why should I go featured?

    Going Featured, features your ad randomly on the top of each category, on the left of the homepage and exposes your horse to the MOST potential buyers!!  Read more.

  2. Cool Features of the Advanced Search

    Cool Features of the Advanced Search1) Once you start selecting, more categories pop up to help you define your search to your preference.2) You can also Search by Dam or Sire by typing their name in the designated category3) You can search MORE than 1 Category or item at a time. For Ex: You can search both Ruby & Pink Buckle and Barrel Horses categories by selecting them both. The same with… Read more.

  3. Automatic Emails of New Horses etc

    Save Your Search!! Have automatic emails sent to you as new horses hit the market within your category, price and location!! Read more.

  4. Posting Your Ad!

    Easy Step By Step Process!--Post your website by clicking the URL link in the options with the little link symbol. --Add a link to your horses's pedigree with the link symbol! Most pedigree's are on, just copy the web site link at your horse's pedigree and paste into the URL box.--Video Option, you have your choice by clicking the Youtube symbol to add a… Read more.


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